SCG - International Partner

SCG is present worldwide thanks to its sales and distribution networks.

SCG’s commitments :

Daily contact with the main agents in the food market
– The most effective response to demands from around the world.
– Current price information and news on specific markets.
Hundreds of containers of food products dispatched every year to international destinations.

SCG - Top-level partner

Beef, pork, poultry and fish products: SCG provides only quality food products to buyers throughout the world.
Our relationships with the principal world suppliers and the biggest international brands allow us to offer the highest standard of products and services.

SCG’s commitments:

We permanently monitor your demands, considering your particular needs.
We adapt a customised service to your specific factors and demands.
We share our skills, our quality control, our insurance cover and our dynamism via all export markets.
We guarantee regular, reliable supplies in a wide range of high-quality products.

SCG - A partner you can trust

The SCG supply chain consists of reliable producers in more than 30 countries on all continents. Hundreds of customers already place their trust in us.

SCG’s commitments:

Regular visits to our suppliers’ factories; we stay close to their slaughter, butchery and packaging techniques.
Providing advice on factories; for a quality partnership, one of SCG strengths is making suggestions for the proper operation of the production line.
The development of techniques; SCG supports producers in modernising butchery, packaging and brand creation, etc.

SCG - A partner of the future

Meat consumption in the world is continually growing.

Between 2007 and 2016:

  • Beef : + 9.7%
  • Pork : + 18.5%
  • Poultry : + 15.3%
    In this way, meat production could double by 2050.

    SCG’s commitments:

    We maintain dialogue with customers to monitor consumption in every country.
    We analyse demand: what are the needs and what will they be? Which product is most consumed? Each country has its profile and its specific features (law, religion, etc.). We optimise products and delivery for each of them.
    We create partnerships in each country and develop export competences that are constantly evolving.