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The growing demand for lamb and mutton and the fall in world production are factors favouring the industry. China is the leading world producer of lamb and mutton and an important consumer. Australia and New-Zealand are also important agents in sheep rearing. In the areas of feed for sheep and rationalising the control and management… Read more »


To maintain quality and freshness, scg offers fish for export which is packaged as soon as it is caught, following international requirements. One of the most important factors is respect for the seasonality of each type of fish. SCG is committed to respecting the environment by prioritising seasonal fishing. Systematic quality inspections are carried out… Read more »


Pork is largely sold in the form of deboned frozen meat in the European Union and fresh meat in North America. Its market is recording record expansion (+18.5%). The biggest pork importer is asia (mainly Japan), followed by Brazil, the European Union, North America, Chile and Mexico. SCG applies the “haccp hazard analysis and critical… Read more »


The world poultry business is the most important meat trade : considering cultural and religious factors, poultry is present everywhere. Production is concentrated largely in Brazil, Argentina, the EU, North America, Chile and Thailand. It generates many butchery opportunities, with the development of big international groups. SCG is demanding in its selection of poultry production… Read more »


Beef is sold long-distance using innovative preservation technologies (freezing, chilled meat), beef is sold long-distance. The main exporters are North and South America, Oceania and India. Beef production depends on the weather conditions and the balance producers make between live animal and meat exports. SCG ensures that all aspects of beef are appreciated, offering customers… Read more »